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SMS Video Contest


This video won the first place of the Flash'n Sexy video contest from SonneMondSterne festival.

In the sunny summer of 2005 my buddy Ronny and I created a video for a contest called Flash & Sexy. It was the first video contest of the electronic music festival SonneMondSterne.

The pre production took one day (kudos to Nils, who was the cinematographer) and the post production was done in very intensive five days. What I found noticeable is the improvisation possibilities in certain situations. For example, because we had no green screen available, we just made some shoots in front of a white wall in the basement of our dormitory. It does it job very well, so not always an expensive equipment is necessary.

All in all it was a success, we won the contest and could grab some backstage tickets for the festival. Summarizing it teached me a good lesson about what you can achieve together in a team with very hard work.

The song we used was: Jess & Crabbe - In your Eer (FiatLuxRecords)